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Elsa stared out her window letting her mind wander a few days back. Her heart began to race as she thought of Jack holding her in his arms as he flew her back to her “loving” room.

Elsa rapidly shook her head.

Jack had only been gone for three days and Elsa already misses him.

Elsa then realized that she was growing feelings for a man that died three hundred years ago. Well technically Jack was still alive—she felt his heart beat. Elsa shouldn’t be thinking of this right now. Jack wasn’t here for Elsa to begin with.

He was here for Anna. Poor, lonely Anna.

What could Elsa do to help Jack with Anna? Could Anna also see Jack like Elsa could? What Elsa needed to do was work harder on controlling her powers. If she can work on being in control, then she can go back to her old room and out of this cell.

“Daydreaming again, Princess?” a male voice interrupted Elsa in her thoughts. Elsa blinked several times before turning her attention towards the direction where the voice had come from. Sitting on her desk was Jack, his staff between his legs as he rested his head against it.

“I-I wasn’t daydreaming,” she mumbled as she walked towards her bookshelf. Elsa occupied herself with looking for no book in particular. She had read each one dozens of times that she could combine them and create something better.

“Whatever you say.” There was silence in the air for a moment before Jack spoke again. “Do you want to go outside and build a snowman?”

Jack’s question caught Elsa off guard.

She turned her attention away from the already read books and towards Jack. “What?” she asked, suddenly thinking of Anna and her numerous questions of wanting to build a snowman.

“I remembered Anna always wanting to build snowmen, and when I took you outside you spent the whole time building snowmen. You two have a connection with each other through snowmen. I figured that if I get you to start building, something would come to mind as to why you’re so distant. It’s a start.” Jack shrugged in his usual callous manner.

Elsa was a bit hesitant to answer Jack’s question, but in order to help Anna, Elsa must try in order to be of some help. Elsa only nodded to Jack’s question.

Jack smirked before standing up on her desk and ever so lightly jumps to the windowsill. He turned back to Elsa. “Meet you at the gate,” he said before jumping into the winter sky.

Was he not going to take her with him? Must she sneak out by herself once again? Jack was such a…a…a child!

Elsa let out a defeated sigh before going to the wooden door and pressing her ear against it. She stayed quiet as she listened for footsteps. There was no sound coming from the long staircase. No one was coming up or down.

Quietly as she could, Elsa opened the door and slowly looked out. There were no food trays in front of her door. Thankfully for Elsa, food shouldn’t be coming to her door for another three hours. Living in isolation and having nothing to do, Elsa could give a detailed list of times when meals were coming and what was happening in the kingdom.

Elsa slowly descended the steps as quiet as she possibly could. She was on high alert for any signs of someone suddenly coming up the steps. One of her hands glided across the stone wall to keep her balance. She was very clumsy when going down these steps with a dress. She found balance with one hand on the wall and the other holding her dress up. It seemed easier.

Elsa had finally reached the long hallway when she felt a sudden sting on her right hand. She winced at the pain and looked down at her hand. The gloves she always wore to keep her powers in check—one was now ripped revealing a gash on the palm of her hand. She looked back at the door frame made of stone and wondered what exactly cut her. Could there be a sharp stone in the line of many? Elsa was about to look when she felt a trickle of blood slide down her wrist.

She looked back towards her hand and decided it was best to wrap her hand before finding the cruel object. She removed her blood soaked gloved and let it fall to the floor. With her teeth she bit the tip of her other glove and removed it from her left hand. Elsa stared at the situation she was in. How was she going to tie her other glove to her right hand?

Elsa took several steps forward contemplating what she should do before she heard her name being called. She froze in place before slowly looking up to see one of the maids. The glove in her mouth dropped as her eyes widened with fear.

“Princess Elsa what are you doing?” the young woman asked. Elsa did not have time to register who the woman was as she took several steps back. The young woman took several steps forward. “Princess—”

“Stay back!” Elsa yelled, panic oh-so obvious in her voice as she held up her hands to stop the woman from moving any further. Elsa was about to make a run for her room when she heard a door being opened from behind. Someone else was coming out of a room. Elsa was stuck between the young woman and a stranger.

“Princess, what is wrong?” the young woman asked taking more steps forward.

Elsa was beginning to panic as she held her hands up higher. “Stay back!” It was too late, though. Elsa felt her hands go cold as sharp ice appear in front of the young woman. She fell backwards, her eyes wide with fear. The person behind Elsa gasped. She felt as though her heart had stopped beating as she brought her hands to her chest. “I-I’m sorry,” she barely said as she ran past the woman on the floor.

Elsa ignored everyone who called for her as she ran down the grand staircase and out the castle doors. How could she have left her room? Elsa knew she wasn’t ready to see anyone, and yet she walked right outside into plain view! She was so stupid!

Stupid, stupid, stupid—

Elsa hit something hard and fell to the snowy ground. Elsa rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands as she began to cry. She felt a firm hand grab her forearm and bring her to her feet.

“You okay, Princess?” It was Jack.

“I didn’t mean to,” she whispered as she continued to wipe away her tears. “I didn’t want to hurt her.”

“Hurt who? Anna?”

“I just wanted to hide, why is that so hard?” Elsa whimpered.

“Princess, what are you talking—”

“I’m tired. I’m tired of hiding and waiting!” Elsa removed her hands from her red eyes and walked up the mountain hill. Why did it have to be her that has to hide? Why did she have to be afraid every day? Elsa laughed dryly. “A kingdom of isolation—I belong here, not them. Yet I hide in the highest part of the castle. ‘Don't let them in, don't let them see’ they said. Hiding in an isolated room solved that answer, and I suggested it! ‘Be the good girl you always have to be—conceal, don't feel, and don’t let them know’ I’m not some emotionless doll. It’s not easy.” Elsa turned around to look at the distant castle. “Well now they know, and I don't care what they're going to say. I’ve tried my best to stop this, but I can’t.”

Elsa turned around and continued up the mountain. She wanted to get as far away as possible. “It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small, and the fears that once controlled me can't get to me. I should have left when I had the chance the first time. I’m never going back.” The cool wind blew harder as Elsa climbed higher and higher up the mountain. She unclipped her cape letting it float away by the wind. “That perfect girl everyone once saw me as is gone!” Elsa pulled her hair tie out from her bun and threw it, letting her French braid fall. She ran her hands through her hair as she went to her knees, putting her hands on the cool snow. “I’m tired of feeling miserable and keeping everything inside. What happened in the past is now in the past; it’s time to see what I can finally do. If people are going to create a storm then let them rage.”

Elsa didn’t know what she was doing—she didn’t care. She wasn’t going to live in that castle anymore. She was going to make a new one where she could live in peace. She wasn’t going to look like the same scared Elsa people in the castle knew her as. She was going to become a brave Elsa who wasn’t afraid anymore. She was finally free.

Elsa stopped all together as she breathed deeply. Her hands that were once in snow were now on top of smooth ice, and her once teal dress sleeves were now blue. Elsa stood up and looked down at her now blue dress with a knee-high slit revealing her right leg. Her once black slippers were now heels, and black cape was a longer ice-like cape with big snowflakes. Her dress shined as though it were made out of ice.

She looked away from herself and at her surroundings. Above her was a chandelier made out of ice. Everything around her was made out of ice, from the floors to the pillars to the ceiling itself. Is this what she could do this whole time? Create such beauty? Elsa continued to look around in amazement until she met eyes with a pair of blue gems.

Jack stood on the balcony looking a bit shocked at what he had seen. Elsa had forgotten he was with her the whole time. Was he going to leave her, too? Did he hate her now?

The silent tension between them made Elsa nervous. Jack stared at her a bit more before opening his mouth. “What are you?”
Rise: Chapter Eight
I'm late...again.
I do not own Rise of the Guardians or Frozen
“Why are you running?” Elsa could hear Jack call from behind her.

“I don’t know,” she answered, but she didn’t stop running.

Elsa continued to run through the forest as fast as she could. Her heart was beating rapidly and her breaths were coming out short.

Once Elsa had taken one step past the village gates, she broke into a sprint. She didn’t want to stop running—she wouldn’t allow it.

This was her first time in so long being outside her own room.

Elsa wanted to see it all.

She wanted to get away from her enclosed space and live.

Elsa stopped dead in her tracks.

Her ears rang as she gasped for air.

It was cold from the obvious white puffs of smoke coming from her mouth, but she wasn’t fazed by it.

She knew why she was running so fast. Elsa knew why she didn’t want to stop running. It wasn’t because she was free from her prison. Elsa was running from her problems—she was running from all the suffering she put herself and her family through. Elsa wasn’t going to take responsibility for what she has done. Elsa didn’t want to.

Elsa was running away.

“Finally wore out, Princess?” Jack said sounding and looking as though he wasn’t remotely tired.

Elsa turned around and quickly walked back towards the castle. She knew this was a bad idea. She knew that once she was outside her protection zone, she wouldn’t have control over what she would do. This was a perfect example.

“Where are you going now?” he asked.

“Back,” she simply replied.

“That’s it? You’ve spent the whole time running only to turn back?” Elsa ignored his comment and continued back towards the village. “What about Anna?” he called, causing Elsa to stop. “How am I supposed to help Anna if you won’t let me understand the problem first?”

Elsa turned to face Jack. “I don’t know the problem either,” she told him, feeling her chest tighten.

Jack gave no expression. “Then we’ll have to figure out what it is.”


Elsa sat on the snowy ground patting her gloved hands against a pile of snow she created. After several minutes of patting, Elsa had finally created a ball for the base of the snowman. Elsa turned to the side and began to create a new pile of snow.

“Is this what you’re going to do all day, build a snowman?” Elsa didn’t look up at Jack as she lifted the second ball of snow and place it on top of the bigger snowball. She heard Jack sigh and from under Elsa the ground lightly shook before dozens of snowmen surrounded her, but Elsa paid no attention to the other snowmen, she only wanted to focus on the snowman in front of her. Jack sighed again and the dozens of snowmen collapsed into piles of snow.

Elsa continued to focus on her snowman.

“Princess.” Jack’s voice was coming from beside her. Elsa turned her attention away from the snowman and turned her head to her right only to be several inches away from Jack. She sucked in her breath and stayed completely still. Jack was so close Elsa could see his light blue eyes more clearly. She could see herself in them. Elsa’s heart began to beat rapidly as her face grew hot. “Are you going to answer my questions?” he asked.
Elsa felt his cool breath hit her face like a cool breeze, but Jack had no scent. Everyone had a certain scent they carried. Elsa could remember Anna always smelled like strawberries, and her parents always smelled like a spring day. Somehow Jack didn’t carry a scent.

“Only if you answer mine,” she managed to answer after regaining her breath.

She watched as Jack’s eyes move from her eyes to her lips, her chin, or her…chest? Elsa didn’t move or feel sure if she should have been offended, but Jacks’ eyes met hers after a second of leaving them.

“Deal,” he said then stood up from his crouched position. Elsa turned her attention back to her snowman hoping Jack did not notice her flushed face. “Do you hate Anna?”

The question caught Elsa off guard as her hands accidentally caused a dent in the snowman’s head. Elsa instantly stood up and faced Jack. “Of course I don’t!” she said with her hands in fists at her sides.

Jack gave no expression as he said, “Just making sure.” Elsa looked away a bit embarrassed. “Your turn,” he said.

Elsa looked back at him. What did she want to ask him? After a minute of thinking, Elsa asked, “How old are you?” Elsa wanted to hit herself. What kind of question was that? While Jack was asking a reasonable question, Elsa was asking a stupid question like age differences.

Jack chuckled. “You want my age before I died, or how long I’ve been a Winter Spirit?” Jack had died? He once lived on this earth before being taken away from friends and family? What kind of cruel world would take away such a young person from a life he has yet fulfilled? Elsa felt a cool touch on her nose. Elsa came back from her daze to notice Jack’s finger on her nose. “Which one, Princess?”

“You died?” Elsa asked, ignoring his question.

“You can’t ask another question if I haven’t answered the previous one,” he countered, removing his cool finger from her nose.

“Both?” she whispered.

“I was seventeen when I died—”

Elsa looked away and whispered, “You’re younger.” Even though the age difference was only by a year, Elsa still didn’t like the age difference.

“Well you can’t really say I’m younger since I’m three hundred and seventeen years older than you. Technically.” Jack shrugged.  Before Elsa could counter his comment, Jack’s head jerked to the side. He stared out into the woods in silence. “Damn,” he whispered. Elsa followed his intense gaze.

There was nothing in her sight. What was Jack so alert about? Was something coming for them?

Elsa felt a hand wrap around her gloved ones. She looked down to see Jack’s free hand holding hers. Elsa looked up at Jack. He was staring right back at her. “Sorry, Princess. You might want to hold on tight.” Before Elsa could ask anything, the sound of wolves growling filled her ears.

Jack jumped into the sky, brining Elsa along with him. Elsa couldn’t find her voice to even scream. Jack let her hand go and Elsa flew slightly higher than Jack before falling back into his arms.

Elsa’s hands were on Jack’s forearm and chest while his free arm was around her waist. This was her first time having so much physical contact with a male in her entire life. Elsa could feel her heart beat faster than it had ever beaten before. Her face felt hot as she stared wide eyed at Jack. This was also the first time Elsa had ever seen Jack, fly—or float in mid-air for that matter.

“Guess I should get you back,” he said, bringing Elsa closer and taking off towards her castle.
Rise: Chapter Seven
Adorbs. Have a little cute moment and the whole world is happy.
At least I am.
Till next time~
Elsa always felt anxious when Jack didn’t show up from time to time. When he didn’t appear, she would always let her mind wander to thoughts of Jack never liking her. And not just like today—when Elsa woke up, Jack had not visited the entire day.

She sat at her desk, her back turned away from the open window, trying to focus her attention on the book in front of her. But that anxious feeling of Jack not showing up again for the third time in a row continued to pick on poor Elsa.

Elsa’s head slowly turned towards the closed door. She looked back towards her book then back to the door. She bit her lower lip as she stood up from her seat and walked over towards the door. She grabbed the handle and pulled the door slightly open. Sticking her head out the door Elsa saw no one in front of the door and heard to footsteps coming up. She opened the door a bit more and slipped out of her room. She quietly walked down the stone steps, each step taken with caution. Elsa had only made it halfway down the flight of stairs until she heard footsteps and voices coming up.

Elsa quickly turned around and ran back up the stairs. She quietly closed the door behind her, her back pressed up against the wall and her breathing uneven. She slid down and sat leaning against her wooden door. Elsa closed her eyes and sighed. She had never felt frightened about someone coming towards her room, but the sound of footsteps and voices frightened her. What if it were her parents or Anna? She wasn’t ready to face them. Not just yet.

A quiet chuckle alerted Elsa. Her eyes snapped open as she watched Jack sit back on the windowsill. “You look frightened, Princess,” Jack said imperturbably, leaning his head against his staff.

Elsa shook her head turning to her side and pressing her ear against the wooden door listening to the sound of footsteps pick up the tray and walk back down the flight of stairs. The footsteps were gone. Elsa sighed. She turned her attention back to Jack, who had not moved from his spot on the windowsill.

“Long time no see, Princess.” Jack waved his hand once. He looked so calm compared to Elsa who felt so happy to see him. She wasn’t alone again. “You look like you were about to leave.” Elsa looked at Jack quizzically. He pointed to the door she was leaning on. “On my way up, I saw you going down but stopped halfway and ran back up. Seems like you want to leave, but you’re afraid.”

Elsa looked at the wooden door. Did she want to leave? Why did Elsa walk down the steps? Elsa didn’t have an answer to her questions.

She turned her attention back to Jack, who was now in front of her kneeling down. She leaned back against the door, feeling a bit startled by how close he was. He motioned towards the open window he had come from. “Let’s go have some fun.”  

Elsa shook her head. “I can’t leave,” she whispered, hoping the person walking down the steps didn’t hear her.

“Sure you can.” Jack stood up and extended his hand towards her. “You don’t have to go down the stairs—you can go out the window—but you have to go outside.” Elsa shook her head. As badly as she wanted to go outside, she couldn’t. She cannot let people see her. She’s hidden herself so well! “Okay,” Jack said. “I guess I’ll just go.” Jack made his way towards the open window and grabbed his wooden staff.

Elsa got to her feet. “Where are you going?” She could feel the panic in her voice as she watched him place one foot on the windowsill.

He looked back at her. “I’m known for having fun, Princess. So are you coming, or not?” Should Elsa go with him? She was afraid that if she didn’t, he would leave again. “Very well,” Jack said again, turning back towards the window.

“I-I’ll go!” she called to him, taking several more steps towards his direction.

Jack stopped again, turning his attention towards her, and smirked. “Which way will you go?” Elsa pointed towards the wooden door. Jack nodded. “I’ll see you at the bottom.” And with that, Jack jumped out the window.

Elsa sighed. Maybe letting him go would have been better.

Elsa walked up to her door and listened. There were no sounds of footsteps or anything for that matter on the other side. She opened the wooden door slowly. Elsa stepped out of her comfort zone and closed the door behind her.

“I can do this,” she whispered to herself.

Slowly, but quietly, Elsa walked down the stone steps. She took each step with caution. When Elsa reached the bottom of the stairs, she peaked around the corner that revealed a long hallway. The hallways were empty and eerily quiet.

“I can do this,” she whispered to herself again, taking one stop out from behind the corner.

The next step came and the other; eventually, Elsa was halfway down the long hallway. She felt scared and excitement course through her body.

What if she got caught?

All she needed to do was get outside the castle walls and into the village. From there, Elsa would find it to be much easier to sneak past all the citizens. If only she were fast and quiet enough to get past all the maids and butlers in this vast castle.

It was then Elsa heard voice from down the hallway. She froze in place, panic rising throughout her body as her body shook with fear. Elsa needed to find an exit fast. She noticed the open window and instantly ran towards it. She could not be seen!

But what Elsa failed to remember, as she threw herself out the window, was that her floor was fifteen feet high. It was too late, though. Elsa was already falling, and she knew that there was not enough snow to break her fall.

Elsa could hear the sound of ice cracking and felt her body hit something softly. She had stopped falling and was now sliding down. She could see ice form under her as she followed its movement downward then up. The ice stopped forming and Elsa flew into the air, falling back towards the ground.

She shut her eyes ready to hit the ground with force. But Elsa didn’t hit the ground. What Elsa felt was a pair of hands under her legs and on her back. She opened her eyes only to meet them to a pair of light blue ones. Those gems belong to Jack.

Jack sighed. “I know I threatened to leave, but I didn’t think you’d miss me that much to jump out a window, Princess.”

Elsa felt her face go hot as she pushed herself off of Jack. “I-it’s not that,” she said, bringing her hands to her chest, looking away. “I-I heard someone coming, and I didn’t want to be seen.” Elsa began to squirm. “I forgot how high off the ground that floor was.” The last sentence was nothing but a whisper.

“Well come on, Princess, the way to not be seen is that way,” Jack said, walking away.

Elsa quickly followed behind.
Rise: Chapter Six
*High fives self*
Well here's chapter six.
I do not own Rise of the Guardian or Frozen.
Till next time~
Elsa stared at the open window. She didn’t sleep last time because of the weird encounter with the white haired man. Elsa wasn’t even sure if he would actually appear through the window like he claimed—if she wasn’t imagining it like she was telling herself. But they had touched hands—shouldn’t that be a sign that he was real?

Footsteps were heard from the other side of the door. Elsa instantly got to her feet from her bed and quickly walked towards the door. She pressed her ear against the cool surface and listened to the sound of the footsteps. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on the sounds coming from outside the door. The footsteps had stopped and the sound of the tray was being picked up from the ground. Elsa sighed. It was someone coming up to take the tray away.

“Are you wishing I would come to the door?” a male voiced asked from behind Elsa causing her to jump. She turned around to find the white haired man sitting on her windowsill, his staff between his legs. “Not my style, Princess,” he said nonchalantly.

He was actually back. He really came back. “How did you come in?” she asked.

“The same way I left yesterday,” he told her, a casual tone in his silky voice.

“Am I imagining you?”

He shook his head. “Not imagining but believing.”

“What are you?”

“A Winter Sprit.”

“Who are you?”

“Jack Frost.”

The name sounded familiar. Elsa thought for a while, and then it hit her. When Elsa was younger, she would play outside and hear parents tell their children to come inside, for Jack Frost would come and bring snow, wind, and ice. Jack Frost was actually real? No, that can’t be right.

“What did you mean,” she began, walking towards the edge of her bed, “by believing?”

He lifted his fist in front of him and opened his palm. A single snowflake magically appeared and started to float around her room. Elsa stared at it with complete amazement and alarm. He was exactly like her. “People talk about me, yet they don’t see me.” That one snowflake exploded into hundreds of little ones, snowing down in Elsa’s room. “But children can see me.” Elsa turned her attention back to Jack. “Children who believe in me can see me, although it was quite shocking to see you looking right at me yesterday.” He looked her up and down skeptically. “Why can you see me?” he asked her.

“I don’t know. I just wanted someone like me…” she trailed off. Then it hit her. She wanted to have someone to talk to just like her, and Jack suddenly appeared because of the powers he has. It wasn’t because she believed in him—she didn’t know he was real—but it was because of the one connection they had. But there was one thing Elsa wanted to ask. “Why are you here?”

“I’m on a…mission,” he said, scratching the back of his head. Elsa tilted her head to the side in confusion. Jack, seeing the confused Elsa, continued on, “I’m supposed to help Anna get closer to you.”

“Anna?” Jack knew Anna? Anna needed help?

Jack nodded. “She misses her sister.” Elsa looked away. “Although I think you’re just going through a phase all teenagers go through.” Elsa looked back a Jack with a puzzled look. “Just wanting to be alone and talk to no one—I’ve seen many kids go through it.”

“Oh.” Elsa wishes it were just that, but because of what she posses, and what she did to Anna, she doesn’t want to be anywhere near Anna or anyone.

“Well”—Jack got to his feet and stood on the windowsill—“seems like it’s time for me to go. You should get some rest. You look dead.” Jack saluted Elsa and jumped out the window.

Elsa felt numb. Was Anna really lonely? Elsa hugged herself and shook her head. “Control yourself, Elsa” she whispered. “Anna won’t be lonely once you control this power.”

That was all Elsa needed to do. All she had to do was control her powers and Elsa can be with her family once again—build snowmen and play with the snow.

Elsa looked out the window and hadn’t realized what happened to the sun, but it was already night time.

Elsa walked towards her door and opened it. Maybe if she walked down to the ground floor she could see Anna walking around or anyone for that matter. All Elsa wanted to do was apologize for being…everything. Elsa started down the steps. Each step felt like forever, but it was her slow pace that was taking so long. Her body did not want to fully reach the last step, but her mind was contemplating the decisions she was going to make.

Elsa didn’t know what she wanted.

Elsa never knew what she truly wanted.

She sat down on a step, realizing that she only made it a quarter ways from her own room. She hugged herself as she rested her head against the cold stone wall. Elsa started to count.




Elsa laughed. “I met Jack Frost.” She closed her eyes. “I really am going insane.”

Elsa fell asleep on the cold steps outside her lonely room.
Rise: Chapter Five
It's been a while, has it not?
I have a better computer which means I'll be writing and posting a lot more. Woo.
I do not own Rise of the Guardians or Frozen.
Till next time~
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It's been...a while since I last posted anything. I'm still unsure if I'm coming back next month or if I'm not coming back for a while, but either way, I miss writing. Still not sure, but I guess we'll see when January comes rolling in.


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