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Elsa stared out her window letting her mind wander a few days back. Her heart began to race as she thought of Jack holding her in his arms as he flew her back to her “loving” room.

Elsa rapidly shook her head.

Jack had only been gone for three days and Elsa already misses him.

Elsa then realized that she was growing feelings for a man that died three hundred years ago. Well technically Jack was still alive—she felt his heart beat. Elsa shouldn’t be thinking of this right now. Jack wasn’t here for Elsa to begin with.

He was here for Anna. Poor, lonely Anna.

What could Elsa do to help Jack with Anna? Could Anna also see Jack like Elsa could? What Elsa needed to do was work harder on controlling her powers. If she can work on being in control, then she can go back to her old room and out of this cell.

“Daydreaming again, Princess?” a male voice interrupted Elsa in her thoughts. Elsa blinked several times before turning her attention towards the direction where the voice had come from. Sitting on her desk was Jack, his staff between his legs as he rested his head against it.

“I-I wasn’t daydreaming,” she mumbled as she walked towards her bookshelf. Elsa occupied herself with looking for no book in particular. She had read each one dozens of times that she could combine them and create something better.

“Whatever you say.” There was silence in the air for a moment before Jack spoke again. “Do you want to go outside and build a snowman?”

Jack’s question caught Elsa off guard.

She turned her attention away from the already read books and towards Jack. “What?” she asked, suddenly thinking of Anna and her numerous questions of wanting to build a snowman.

“I remembered Anna always wanting to build snowmen, and when I took you outside you spent the whole time building snowmen. You two have a connection with each other through snowmen. I figured that if I get you to start building, something would come to mind as to why you’re so distant. It’s a start.” Jack shrugged in his usual callous manner.

Elsa was a bit hesitant to answer Jack’s question, but in order to help Anna, Elsa must try in order to be of some help. Elsa only nodded to Jack’s question.

Jack smirked before standing up on her desk and ever so lightly jumps to the windowsill. He turned back to Elsa. “Meet you at the gate,” he said before jumping into the winter sky.

Was he not going to take her with him? Must she sneak out by herself once again? Jack was such a…a…a child!

Elsa let out a defeated sigh before going to the wooden door and pressing her ear against it. She stayed quiet as she listened for footsteps. There was no sound coming from the long staircase. No one was coming up or down.

Quietly as she could, Elsa opened the door and slowly looked out. There were no food trays in front of her door. Thankfully for Elsa, food shouldn’t be coming to her door for another three hours. Living in isolation and having nothing to do, Elsa could give a detailed list of times when meals were coming and what was happening in the kingdom.

Elsa slowly descended the steps as quiet as she possibly could. She was on high alert for any signs of someone suddenly coming up the steps. One of her hands glided across the stone wall to keep her balance. She was very clumsy when going down these steps with a dress. She found balance with one hand on the wall and the other holding her dress up. It seemed easier.

Elsa had finally reached the long hallway when she felt a sudden sting on her right hand. She winced at the pain and looked down at her hand. The gloves she always wore to keep her powers in check—one was now ripped revealing a gash on the palm of her hand. She looked back at the door frame made of stone and wondered what exactly cut her. Could there be a sharp stone in the line of many? Elsa was about to look when she felt a trickle of blood slide down her wrist.

She looked back towards her hand and decided it was best to wrap her hand before finding the cruel object. She removed her blood soaked gloved and let it fall to the floor. With her teeth she bit the tip of her other glove and removed it from her left hand. Elsa stared at the situation she was in. How was she going to tie her other glove to her right hand?

Elsa took several steps forward contemplating what she should do before she heard her name being called. She froze in place before slowly looking up to see one of the maids. The glove in her mouth dropped as her eyes widened with fear.

“Princess Elsa what are you doing?” the young woman asked. Elsa did not have time to register who the woman was as she took several steps back. The young woman took several steps forward. “Princess—”

“Stay back!” Elsa yelled, panic oh-so obvious in her voice as she held up her hands to stop the woman from moving any further. Elsa was about to make a run for her room when she heard a door being opened from behind. Someone else was coming out of a room. Elsa was stuck between the young woman and a stranger.

“Princess, what is wrong?” the young woman asked taking more steps forward.

Elsa was beginning to panic as she held her hands up higher. “Stay back!” It was too late, though. Elsa felt her hands go cold as sharp ice appear in front of the young woman. She fell backwards, her eyes wide with fear. The person behind Elsa gasped. She felt as though her heart had stopped beating as she brought her hands to her chest. “I-I’m sorry,” she barely said as she ran past the woman on the floor.

Elsa ignored everyone who called for her as she ran down the grand staircase and out the castle doors. How could she have left her room? Elsa knew she wasn’t ready to see anyone, and yet she walked right outside into plain view! She was so stupid!

Stupid, stupid, stupid—

Elsa hit something hard and fell to the snowy ground. Elsa rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands as she began to cry. She felt a firm hand grab her forearm and bring her to her feet.

“You okay, Princess?” It was Jack.

“I didn’t mean to,” she whispered as she continued to wipe away her tears. “I didn’t want to hurt her.”

“Hurt who? Anna?”

“I just wanted to hide, why is that so hard?” Elsa whimpered.

“Princess, what are you talking—”

“I’m tired. I’m tired of hiding and waiting!” Elsa removed her hands from her red eyes and walked up the mountain hill. Why did it have to be her that has to hide? Why did she have to be afraid every day? Elsa laughed dryly. “A kingdom of isolation—I belong here, not them. Yet I hide in the highest part of the castle. ‘Don't let them in, don't let them see’ they said. Hiding in an isolated room solved that answer, and I suggested it! ‘Be the good girl you always have to be—conceal, don't feel, and don’t let them know’ I’m not some emotionless doll. It’s not easy.” Elsa turned around to look at the distant castle. “Well now they know, and I don't care what they're going to say. I’ve tried my best to stop this, but I can’t.”

Elsa turned around and continued up the mountain. She wanted to get as far away as possible. “It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small, and the fears that once controlled me can't get to me. I should have left when I had the chance the first time. I’m never going back.” The cool wind blew harder as Elsa climbed higher and higher up the mountain. She unclipped her cape letting it float away by the wind. “That perfect girl everyone once saw me as is gone!” Elsa pulled her hair tie out from her bun and threw it, letting her French braid fall. She ran her hands through her hair as she went to her knees, putting her hands on the cool snow. “I’m tired of feeling miserable and keeping everything inside. What happened in the past is now in the past; it’s time to see what I can finally do. If people are going to create a storm then let them rage.”

Elsa didn’t know what she was doing—she didn’t care. She wasn’t going to live in that castle anymore. She was going to make a new one where she could live in peace. She wasn’t going to look like the same scared Elsa people in the castle knew her as. She was going to become a brave Elsa who wasn’t afraid anymore. She was finally free.

Elsa stopped all together as she breathed deeply. Her hands that were once in snow were now on top of smooth ice, and her once teal dress sleeves were now blue. Elsa stood up and looked down at her now blue dress with a knee-high slit revealing her right leg. Her once black slippers were now heels, and black cape was a longer ice-like cape with big snowflakes. Her dress shined as though it were made out of ice.

She looked away from herself and at her surroundings. Above her was a chandelier made out of ice. Everything around her was made out of ice, from the floors to the pillars to the ceiling itself. Is this what she could do this whole time? Create such beauty? Elsa continued to look around in amazement until she met eyes with a pair of blue gems.

Jack stood on the balcony looking a bit shocked at what he had seen. Elsa had forgotten he was with her the whole time. Was he going to leave her, too? Did he hate her now?

The silent tension between them made Elsa nervous. Jack stared at her a bit more before opening his mouth. “What are you?”
Rise: Chapter Eight
I'm late...again.
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