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Rise: Chapter Eight
Elsa stared out her window letting her mind wander a few days back. Her heart began to race as she thought of Jack holding her in his arms as he flew her back to her “loving” room.
Elsa rapidly shook her head.
Jack had only been gone for three days and Elsa already misses him.
Elsa then realized that she was growing feelings for a man that died three hundred years ago. Well technically Jack was still alive—she felt his heart beat. Elsa shouldn’t be thinking of this right now. Jack wasn’t here for Elsa to begin with.
He was here for Anna. Poor, lonely Anna.
What could Elsa do to help Jack with Anna? Could Anna also see Jack like Elsa could? What Elsa needed to do was work harder on controlling her powers. If she can work on being in control, then she can go back to her old room and out of this cell.
“Daydreaming again, Princess?” a male voice interrupted Elsa in her thoughts. Elsa blinked several times before turning her attention towards the di
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Rise: Chapter Seven
“Why are you running?” Elsa could hear Jack call from behind her.
“I don’t know,” she answered, but she didn’t stop running.
Elsa continued to run through the forest as fast as she could. Her heart was beating rapidly and her breaths were coming out short.
Once Elsa had taken one step past the village gates, she broke into a sprint. She didn’t want to stop running—she wouldn’t allow it.
This was her first time in so long being outside her own room.
Elsa wanted to see it all.
She wanted to get away from her enclosed space and live.
Elsa stopped dead in her tracks.
Her ears rang as she gasped for air.
It was cold from the obvious white puffs of smoke coming from her mouth, but she wasn’t fazed by it.
She knew why she was running so fast. Elsa knew why she didn’t want to stop running. It wasn’t because she was free from her prison. Elsa was running from her problems—she was running from all the suffering she put
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Rise: Chapter Six
Elsa always felt anxious when Jack didn’t show up from time to time. When he didn’t appear, she would always let her mind wander to thoughts of Jack never liking her. And not just like today—when Elsa woke up, Jack had not visited the entire day.
She sat at her desk, her back turned away from the open window, trying to focus her attention on the book in front of her. But that anxious feeling of Jack not showing up again for the third time in a row continued to pick on poor Elsa.
Elsa’s head slowly turned towards the closed door. She looked back towards her book then back to the door. She bit her lower lip as she stood up from her seat and walked over towards the door. She grabbed the handle and pulled the door slightly open. Sticking her head out the door Elsa saw no one in front of the door and heard to footsteps coming up. She opened the door a bit more and slipped out of her room. She quietly walked down the stone steps, each step taken with caution. Elsa had
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Rise: Chapter Five
Elsa stared at the open window. She didn’t sleep last time because of the weird encounter with the white haired man. Elsa wasn’t even sure if he would actually appear through the window like he claimed—if she wasn’t imagining it like she was telling herself. But they had touched hands—shouldn’t that be a sign that he was real?
Footsteps were heard from the other side of the door. Elsa instantly got to her feet from her bed and quickly walked towards the door. She pressed her ear against the cool surface and listened to the sound of the footsteps. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on the sounds coming from outside the door. The footsteps had stopped and the sound of the tray was being picked up from the ground. Elsa sighed. It was someone coming up to take the tray away.
“Are you wishing I would come to the door?” a male voiced asked from behind Elsa causing her to jump. She turned around to find the white haired man sitting on her wi
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Rise: Chapter Four
Day after day, and night after night the same things would happen. Elsa would wake up, eat, stare out the window, read, try to talk to Anna, but fail, and go to sleep. Nothing ever changed since Elsa moved to her new room.
And today, once again, Elsa was leaning against the wooden door, waiting for the sound of footsteps to appear. And when they were heard, Elsa’s heart began to race. She closed her eyes, imagining it was Anna, Kai, or her parents. She smiled.
But just as quickly as they had come, they disappeared. Elsa turned around and pressed her ear against the door, wanting to desperately hear the footsteps, but they were already gone. “Come back,” she whispered, shutting her eyes.
A breeze flew in from the open window, hitting Elsa and causing her to shiver. She opened her eyes and stared out the open window. Maybe if she just…
Elsa walked towards the window and leaned out a bit to look down. It was a big drop. Would she be able to climb down and play amo
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Rise: Chapter Three
“Are you asleep?” Silence. “Elsa?”
“Please go away, Anna,” Elsa whispered from under her blue covers.
Elsa wanted Anna to forget all about her and move on.
No more sounds came from the other side of the door. Anna must have finally given up.
Elsa closed her eyes, trying to force herself to sleep as she curled herself up into a ball. If she slept, she could pass the day without worry. But she wasn’t feeling tired as she spread out her legs.
Sleep. Just go to sleep.
But nothing was happening. She scrunched her face only to open them and sit up in her bed. She stared out the window to see the snowy mountains. She threw the covers off and brought her legs over the edge of the bed. She slipped on her black shoes and made her way towards the open window, and she looked down at the tiny townspeople. She missed being outside—to play in the snow and build a snowman.
Elsa sighed. All she ever wanted to do was control her powers so she can go
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Rise: Chapter Two
Jack walked the halls of the castle. Every part of the castle he has been in looked the same; the hideous pink, orange, purple—whatever the color was—walls that had the same diamond and what looked like corn designs; the millions of doors and windows. This whole place is like a maze that Jack was starting to get annoyed with. He hasn’t seen anyone in over an hour. Shouldn’t there be many maids, butlers—anyone?
“Is everyone on vacation?” Jack asked to no one in particular.
“No.” A voice was heard from behind Jack, causing him to freeze in his place. Slowly, ever so slowly, Jack turned around to see two women wearing long oak green skirts with a hint of a bluish purple color at the bottom, and long sleeved buttoned up shirts—matching the color of their skirts—with a black bonnet walking towards him. “I thought she would be in her room, but Kai said she was roaming around,” one told the other, both passing Jack
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Rise: Chapter One
Jack walked through the toy factory, taking in everything he could. Since the last time Jack came to North’s toy factory, he didn’t have much time to look around as he had wished. Jack wasn’t going to let North take this opportunity away. The little elves—dressed in their red hats with a point that has a jingle bell at the top, covering their body all the way to the beginning of their legs, and toeless shoes—believed to be working, electrocuting each other as they pretend to be a Christmas tree.  The Yetis, on the other hand, were actually working on the toys for Christmas that will be coming in one month.
Before Jack realized it, he was standing in front of North’s door. Just as he was about to knock on the wooden door, it opened before him. North, Sandy, Bunny, and Tooth stood near the gigantic globe. Bright lights shone on parts of the globe, indicating that those were the children that still believed in the guardians.
“Jack,” Nor
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Conceal, don’t feel.
That was all I was told to do, and yet I couldn’t do that.
I was supposed to be alone—never to come out of that room until I was able to control it.
But what was I supposed to do when he came?
What was I supposed to do when he wanted me to join him?
Am I a savior, or a Nightmare?
All I wanted was to control this power so I can be normal.
I wasn’t expecting this battle to involve me.
Conceal, don’t feel.
That was all I was told to do.

Rated: T
Characters: Elsa, Jack Frost, Pitch, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus (North).
Genre: Romance
Coming on March 1
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Opposites Attract: Chapter 26
Falling Slowly
“Miss. Haruno,” Hotaka said, placing his hand on the small of her back. “Would you like to join us?” He pointed to the white limousine parked behind the stage as she descended down the steps. “We’re going to the annual party after an amazing performance.”
Sakura didn’t want to go home because it was already night time. She was thankful that because of the street lamps she could see everything clearly. She nodded as he smiled and led her towards the long, white vehicle. She climbed inside as Hotaka and several other people followed after her.
This was something Sakura had never seen before. The limousine had black, leather couches, with a glass bar across from her, wine glasses set neatly in order, yellow napkins set perfectly inside like a flower. Next to her was a bouquet of different yellow flowers, some Sakura knew, and others she didn’t.
The ride towards the party was quiet for Sakura as the elders talked t
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You Are My Sunshine
Carol sat on the small bed in her lonely cell. The room was too small, and the beds were even smaller. But Carol was just glad to have a bed to sleep in, and a place to feel safe in. The cell block was dead quiet as everyone but Rick and Glenn, who were on watch tonight, were asleep. For some reason, no matter how hard she tried, Carol could not fall asleep. The only reason she could think of was because of Daryl. When he came back from finding Merle and Michonne, even though Michonne came back hours before he did, Daryl looked like…well, shit. His eyes were beet red and exhausted. Daryl announced that Merle was dead. After that, Daryl never said another word. All he did was go to his sleeping area and stayed there.
Half the group knew how Daryl felt. And they knew it was best to leave him be for the time being.
Now, as Carol leaned back against the cell wall, she didn't know what to do or think that could help Daryl in his time of need. Did he want sympathy? Did he need a hug?
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Opposites Attract: Chapter 25
Her Name is Sakura
Sasuke felt furiously pissed. First, Pink Hair gets into his business. Second, Sasuke knew what could happen if Sasuke and Kurenai were caught, and third, Kurenai did not have any feelings for Sasuke what-so-ever. She’s in love with Asuma, and that hurt Sasuke. Stuffing his hands heatedly in his pockets Sasuke decided to skip orchestra class.
Sasuke wandered around aimlessly the school, unsure of what to do. He would catch himself thinking about Pink Hair and the argument they had just minutes ago. Would she be in class? Would she be mad at him? Why is he thinking about her so damn much? Sasuke let out an aggravated huff realizing that he was in front of the classroom door. Why is she having such a pull on him? Without thinking, Sasuke’s hand reached for the handle and slid the door open. Cursing at himself for letting his mind wander, Sasuke walked in and sat at the lonely chair at the corner of the room.
The time in class trudged along slowly. Pi
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Opposites Attract: Chapter 24
Not a Part of It
Sakura had felt nervous, excited, shy, confused, everything ever since she came home from Iwagakure. After they won the competition, Sasuke was still holding her hand—Sasuke was holding her hand all throughout the competition! Sakura was pulled aside by a man who asked her to be a part of a performance at the greatest park in all of Konoha. If she does great, there is a possibility that she could do a competition tour.  Just the thought of it made Sakura shiver with delight.
Sakura bowed with the rest of her classmates as she gathered her belongings and made her way towards her last class. She didn’t know where Sasuke was, but she was too scared to look behind her and see if he was there. Sakura fished in her bag for the paper she had almost the entire day on. Shock rocked through her body when she felt no folded paper. Looking in her bag she found nothing. Had she left the paper back in class? Where did she place that paper? If she lost
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Opposites Attract: Chapter 23
Finally Playing
Sasuke stood behind the curtains with the rest of his classmates as they watched performance after performance go on until it would be their turn. The other schools were good, and from the looks on everyone’s faces, he knew that they were really good.
“Okay, you guys are up next,” Takahashi said, looking nervous more than ever. “I know you guys can do this. Make sure you know your places and keep calm.” The music stopped and the audience began to clap. “Do your best!”
The curtains closed and the lights dimmed as everyone made their way towards the stage. Sasuke noticed Pink Hair had not moved, and he realized that she could not see. Sasuke took her hand and led her towards the piano. He carefully sat her down, hearing her whisper a ‘thank you’ as he walked back to the side.
Sasuke watched as the lights went out and the curtains opened. Lights began to shine on Jiro and everyone else except for Pink Hair
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Opposites Attract: Chapter 22
Practicing all Night
Sakura slowly opened her eyes. After the all that had happened the previous night, Sakura had never been as grateful towards Sasuke as she did now. If he had not found her, she probably would have stayed there all night; scared and alone. She was on her side staring at the white wall in front of her. Slowly Sakura turned, her eyes shifting towards Sasuke—who, she hoped, might still be there. To her luck, he was.
He was on his stomach, his arms under the pillow, and his face half buried in the pillow. To her, Sasuke looked like an angel; the light coming from the window illuminated his fair skin and black hair. She could see it if she closed her eyes, the white, translucent wings that would slowly extend out from his sides, giving off a soft glow. She could see herself walking over to him, running her hand through his soft hair, slowly making its way towards the side of his cheek and towards his soft lips…
Sakura forced herself to open her eyes.
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Opposites Attract: Chapter 21
Sasuke had gotten out of the shower as he watched Jiro and the blond twins talk to one another. “So, do you think they fell for it?” Jiro asked the twins.
“One hundred percent, there is no way that Suzu wouldn’t be curious about the ghost story,” said the twin with blue eyes. “It’s her weakness not to listen.”
“We head out in a couple of minutes,” said the twin with red eyes.
“Are you in, Sasuke?” Jiro asked, as Sasuke sat down on his bed. “Kenta told Suzu about some ghost story, and when the girls go out to look around, we’re going to scare them.”
So it wasn’t going to be just the red head and brunette, but probably Pink Hair as well. Knowing her secret, would she be able to see in the dark with whatever light source they had? “I’m in,” he said.
Jiro smiled. “Alright then, let’s get started.”
Sasuke followed Jiro and the twins down hall
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It's been...a while since I last posted anything. I'm still unsure if I'm coming back next month or if I'm not coming back for a while, but either way, I miss writing. Still not sure, but I guess we'll see when January comes rolling in.


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